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We HIGHLY recommend Off Leash K9 training

Our year and a half Golden Retriever, Lucy is spoiled rotten and was quarantined with me for over a year due to Covid. Well, all we did was play! We quickly learned as things opened up again that we desperately needed some training. Us and Lucy. So, I signed up, scheduled our first lesson and off we went. My husband was a non-believer so he had to come along. Our incredible trainer who not only is very professional but he is extremely knowledgeable. Lucy has learned to place (stay in a specified location), lay down, heal, walk on leash without pulling, sit, come and other commands we never thought was possible. Thanks to our trainer and Off Leash K9 training, Lucy is a joy to walk and she absolutely loves being given commands and the praises. What we thought was impossible, Matt made a reality. We HIGHLY recommend Off Leash K9 training for all your dog training needs as they have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of k9 training. We plan on doing more training with Lucy and our new puppy

Christine S.  // Verified Google Review

Amazed by transformation

Why didn’t we do this sooner? Dramatic difference! Life changing, really. Gabriel is a sweet 75 lb Golden Retriever who regularly yanked me off my feet when he saw a squirrel, a rabbit, a person, a leaf, or even a shadow. Tory made his two week board-and-train an exciting, loving adventure for Gabriel and a great experience for us. He now stays at my side with no leash, ignores even big distractions, comes when I call, stays put when told … and all with a smile on his face. I am amazed by the transformation. He’s been home for less than 24 hours and we all agree that this investment has already paid for itself. I’ve never been so eager to write a google review. Thank you, Off Leash K9 Training!

Mickie M.  // Verified Local Guide

We are both so happy

I highly recommend our trainer and Off Leash K9 Training for any dog train needs. I spoke with several trainers about my pitbull/boxer? mix Margot’s dog aggression issues before finding Off Leash. I signed her up for the three-week aggressive dog board and train. I was able to see immediate results throughout her training and when she returned home.

Previously, she was deeply afraid of other dogs and acted aggressively. Now, I am able to control her behavior when she is near a dog, and she has even made some new dog friends. We still have work to do, but the foundation was set during her training. He has been a great resource after her training as well. He helped me troubleshoot several issues and met with me to work on her behavior with me. Many people have commented on her much improved behavior including my landlord. Every day we make small improvements in her behavior around other dogs. We are both so happy with the choice to work with Off Leash K9 Training.

Damia S.   // Verified Google Review

I highly recommend OLK9

I took my pitty for training with my trainer and my doodle for training. Over 8 weeks my dogs learned sit,down,heel,come,place,through and fetch. Both dogs can hold these commands for extended periods of time and I am so pleased with my experience. I highly recommend OLK9 if you want to enjoy an off leash life with your dog.

Laura D.  // Verified Google Review

highly recommended by my family

“Off Leash training” comes very highly recommended by my family. We have an American bully who really wanted to-train the household. We knew that we needed to get some help in order that we could understand him better. “Off Leash” was the answer. He is very friendly, thorough, and always on time. I plan to use them in the future with any new additions our family.
Stephanie  // Verified Google Review

We see a notable difference

We are a family of two dogs and two cats, and unfortunately our youngest pup (2 years old) had aggression towards dogs and people, and just generally did not listen to commands. On a regular basis, Percy lunged after and bit my partner and our older dog. After sending him to the 3-week board and train with our trainer, our family is forever changed. We see a notable difference in Percy’s demeanor, we feel confident and comfortable giving him affection and he listens to every command. Our biggest fear is that we would not be able to have kids with an aggressive and possessive dog but because of our trainer’s incredible training and attention to Percy’s specific behaviors, we feel like our family will thrive under any situation. – Sara and Leigh

Sara C.   // Verified Google Review

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